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Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag 5XL


Laid-back comfort and durable stylish Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover should always go hand-in-hand. Our Stylecraft Brown Bean Bag Cover brings both to your living room, den, or patio space. The Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover is perfect for relaxing by the TV or reading in the shade.

When the weather turns cool, bring them indoors and rest in its cool, fluffy embrace while watching television or playing video games. It’s lightweight and portable. Take your Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover along for extra seating on family trips. Bring it to large conventions or events, and skip the pain of hard, cold benches or metal chairs.

The comfy Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover aren’t just for home use. Business owners can order multiple chairs for resorts, hotel pools, hospitals, conventions, and any other place or event where luxury seating and flawless style are needed.

What are the Benefits of Bean Bags?

Bean bags offer a host of advantages. These include:

Great For Posture

Regular chairs dictate what position you must adopt to sit in them. By and large, they’re rigid, with a fixed back and seat, giving you relatively little flexibility. Bean bags, however, don’t impose any such limitations on your body placement. You can sit up if you like, or you can lean back – it’s your choice. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can lie on them with your head over one edge and your knees and feet over the other. There are no rules.

For the 3.37 million people living in Australia with chronic back pain, this is excellent news. You’re free to shift your seating position however you like. If you feel a twinge in the lumbar spine, change your posture, and the tiny beads in the bag will automatically conform to the new pressure pattern.


While some designer bean bags carry higher price tags, by and large, they’re one of the most affordable seating options out there. And for a good reason. The combination of simple shell and filling is intrinsically cost-effective.

Once we get the casing right, it is just a matter of stuffing it with inexpensive materials and then zipping the thing up. There’s none of the lathing, processing or fine upholstery work associated with regular furniture-making. The manufacturing process is more akin to making a zipped sweater and stuffing it full of void loose-fill chips than carefully crafting a seat from scratch.

Yellow Bean Bag Cover High Levels Of Comfort

Yellow Bean Bag CoverWe already alluded to the fact that bean bags offer a high level of comfort earlier, but why? Conventional chairs use a combination of spring and foam to provide support to the body above. When you sit on them, these elements compress, spreading your weight over a wider area.

Bean bags work on a similar principle, but they do it better. That’s because the beans are free to move in any direction you like. Barring any limitations of the bag itself, you can create seating shapes that fit your body perfectly, making pressure points a thing of the past.

For some users, this ability to mould the seat into any shape you like is a godsend. Pregnant women, for instance, love the fact that they can move into different positions and get ample lumbar and back support. Bean bags permit sitting in a position that takes the pressure off the lower torso and abdominals in the third trimester.

Suitable For Outdoor Use

All of our outdoor bean bag furniture is handcrafted with the utmost quality and care, meaning we can guarantee durability across almost any terrain, including grass, patios and garden pave stones. Trust us; we’ve tested them extensively on many lazy Summer Sundays.

Easy To Clean

As a general rule of thumb, you should always surface spot clean a bean bag with a damp sponge. The exact technique you use will depend on the material that your Yellow Bean Bag Cover is made from Leatherette Fabric

We recommend that you clean your bean bag by hand – do not machine wash or dry clean bean bag fabrics, as this can damage your bean bag cover or cause it to shrink. Never use bleach products to clean a bean bag as this can discolour it.

Fun And Stylish

As we discussed bean bags have a sense of fun about them that you don’t get from other pieces of furniture around your home. Throw a bean bag into a living room, and you immediately change the atmosphere. All of a sudden, the whole space takes on a different character.

This effect comes from our associations with them. When we see bean bags, it triggers something in our brains, and we immediately feel elevated. It happens almost automatically.

The range of styles of bean bags is also tremendous. They come in practically every colour and pattern you can imagine. And bean-filled seating options include upright, relaxing recliners and even versions that double up as beds.

For Home And Office

Google made waves back in 2012 when it introduced bean bags to its head office. At the time, many traditional commentators wondered whether bosses had gone mad. Workspaces – as they saw it – were supposed to encourage formal seating positions that kept employees’ backs rigidly upright at all times, not somewhere people lounged around having hand-wavy philosophical discussions while drinking bulletproof coffee.

Google, though, had its reasons. Bean bags were part of a broader push to make work feel more like play. It was an element, like pool tables and polka dot walls, that was supposed to overcome the psychological hurdles to effort and energize people.

The tactic worked, and since then, the bean bag has become a staple of both the corporate and home office. Workers and managers both agree that a working environment that feels like a fun place to be is better than in a grey office where all you’re doing is waiting to clock out. Slumping on a bean bag with a laptop on your stomach feels so much better than hunching over one while sitting on a swivel chair.

Our Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover adds a splash of bright colour that can liven up any space, but its real appeal lies in its free-form, body-friendly comfort. When you sit in our Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover you have a generous amount of filling material beneath and around you; there are no painful pressure points and no annoying armrests or sharp angles.

While you’re busy looking cool and feeling relaxed, you’re improving your posture and avoiding the back pain associated with less comfortable seating options. The Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover Seat may be helpful to anyone who suffers from fatigue, muscle pain or other uncomfortable conditions. Besides being trendy, practical and therapeutic, it’s also built to last. Made from quality fabric, it’s easy to clean and fill. Our design includes a childproof strong safety zipper to ensure that little ones and curious pets can’t access the liner’s contents.

Don’t You Deserve the Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover in House?

It’s time to add a little luxury and style to your space. Give your home or garden a trendy, hip makeover by adding our Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover. When you will order through our secure online store, we shipped your bean bag via air courier and road transport.  you’ll receive your package within seven to ten days from its dispatch date,  We stand behind our products, your bean bags come with infinite coolness and a six months warranty.

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty

This limited warranty does not apply to:
• Normal wear and tear, Cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents
• The warranty does not cover damages due to the usage of the product beyond its intended use and wears & tear in the natural course of product usage.

Warranty Terms :
Stylecraft Yellow Bean Bag Cover have a 6 months warranty on stitching and fabric

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Stylecraft Bean Bag Cover

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Bean Bag Type? If you can arrange beans locally then you can order only cover it will save price, if you don\'t have beans in your city then order bean bag with beans


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