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Shri Balaji Product

Shri Balaji Products is a Value Driven & Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Company with a diversified product portfolio of 100 + Unique products.

Shri Balaji Products, with its brands Stylecraft Bean Bags, Pureperry, SS Bean Bags, Gabbroo, Yes Organic, Ilus, BOSS, BOBBB has reached over 10 Million Households and continue to reach millions new. We have over 10 years of Excellence in Production and Retailing.

A national Supply chain that ensures our products are available across 6500 + Retail Touch points across the country.

Shri Balaji Products takes pride in partnering with all Modern Retails, E Commerce Platforms and over 1000 + Dealership network across all states of India. We manufacture all our products in house with vertical integrated processes. Highly efficient team of 200 members are the backbone of the organization.

Stylecraft Bean Bags, our signature brand of Bean Bags are India's largest selling Branded Bean Bags for over a decade now employing vertical integration of EPS, In House Digital Printing and a strong production team.

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Founder of Stylecraft

By Kalpana & Sunil


“We Want Relaxing To Be More Fun”, Our Fans Said.

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Happy clients

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.

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Finished works

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Sunil Sharma

CEO / Founder

Kalpana Sharma

Co Founder

We develop a convenient and beautiful design

Stylecraft Bean Bags are not your typical bean bag or lifestyle products, this is the only  home store that loves you back,

We think of our products as more than furniture—we provide you with your own little cloud nine. By finding fluidity in your environment,

you are given a space for focusing on well being and what is important in life. Just as our furniture flawlessly adapts to your needs, you can adopt a mindset that promotes openness and adaptability. We call it Casual Living, but we are ok if you just think of it as your happy place.



Stylacraft has an incredible team of superheroes (well over 20 of us!) working behind the scenes in our Delhi factory. These sewing artisans, production workers, designers, administrative and customer service personnel are not just workers - they are part of the Stylecraft family. We know the faces of our workers and give them the chance to make a fair wage while maintaining a sweatshop-free environment. Each one of us is a shareholder in our company, which gives us the rare benefit of job security and year-round employment. Our workers are also among the highest-paid sewers in the world, and we offer on-the-job training to those who want to learn. In a business dominated by seasonal work and low pay, we are happily the weirdos.

We develop a convenient and beautiful design

Do you have an awesome design for a product but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Our 1,000 square feet warehouse is available to turn your vision into reality, from concept to completion. We specialize in product design, private label manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution, and have worked with companies such as Adobe, Google and Microsoft to bring their ideas to life.

Whether it’s furniture, decor, or something else entirely, we have designers, production managers and marketers available to help guide you through the process of sourcing materials, production parameters, and brand development. Furthermore, we have a team of sewers, QA staff, and shippers right here in Atlanta, Georgia to ensure that your product will not only be driven by quality, but can boast of being made in the INDIA.

Want to know how Stylecraft can help you? Contact us at 798-227-6191 for more information.


Classic Bean Bag

Most Selling
Mudda Bean bag Xl kids

Kids Sofa Bean Bag

Children Love it

Denim Bean Bag

Most Comfortable
Denim Footstool Bean Bag With Beans

Denim Footrest

Must with Bean Bag

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude'' - Ralph Marston

Minimal Resource Consumption.

When it comes to packaging, we keep our carbon footprint low. We developed a game-changing vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from our foam Bean Bags without compromising their performance. By reducing our box sizes by 66%, we’re able to cut down on paper product consumption so that fewer trees are cut down. Although materials such as paper cardboard may be easy to recycle, the production of these materials is still harmful to the environment – with large amounts of carbon emissions and energy required to process and transport.