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Is Stevia Dry Leaves a Right Sweetner for Consumption in Keto Diet?

Stevia dry leaves are a natural sweetener which is very low in calories. It is extracted from the Stevia plant and is used to provide a sweet taste in food and beverages. Stevia dry leaves contain many vital minerals, vitamins that are selectively absent in the artificial sweeteners. Today, while the whole world is becoming health conscious, people, mostly Americans, are more inclined towards following a ketogenic (or keto) diet. The diet helps in achieving weight loss and helps people lead healthier lifestyles. You might come across several variations of a keto diet, each of them allowing consumption of various percentages of carbohydrates.

While most diets focus on cutting down on fats and carbohydrates, the keto diet focuses on consuming fat and cutting down on carbohydrates, especially sugars. Of course, cutting down on sugars is challenging and people tend to substitute sugar with natural sweeteners.

What is Keto Diet?

Everyone knows that carbohydrates form the primary source of energy. The Keto diet works on the notion that when individuals consume fewer carbohydrates, their body produces ketones, an alternative fuel source. Americans, on average, consume 250 to 300 grams of carbohydrates each day.

However, when you follow a keto diet, the carbohydrates consumption reduces drastically between 20 and 50 grams per day, based on a 2000 kcal day diet. The sudden reduction of carbohydrates forces the body to burn fat to produce energy.

Traditional sweeteners, such as sugar, are high in carbohydrates and hence are not suitable for people following a keto diet.

IMG 2506How is Stevia Different from Sugar?

Although stevia and sugar are sweeteners, stevia is entirely different. It is how:
• Stevia comes from the leaves of stevia plants that grow in South America. People have used it as a raw sugar substitute and flavoring ingredient for hundreds of years. However, people came to know more about stevia products after acceptance as a sweetener in Japan in the 1970s.
• Some older evidence suggests that consumption of stevia products is beneficial for controlling the glucose levels in the bloodstream.
• Stevia is sweeter than sugar (about 250 to 300 times), which indicates that people need to use the products in tiny amounts to achieve the same sweetness.
• Stevia leaves do not have any calorific values, making them one of the best sweeteners for the keto diet.
• Being versatile, you can use stevia products in all types of foods-right from baking to beverages.

Why Is Stevia A Perfect Sweetener for Keto Diet?

Experts consider stevia and stevia products as a perfect sweetener for the keto diet for the following reasons.

Low Glycemic

In the opinion of the Glycemic Index Foundation, the glycemic index indicates the rank of carbohydrates in various foods depending on how they affect the blood sugar level. The range between 56 and 69 is the moderate glycemic index for an individual food portion. People need to stay as close to the lower limits. Pureperry stevia products have a non-glycemic response, and hence, do not affect blood glucose levels.

Low Carbohydrate

Purepery stevia products, including sachets, powder, liquid, and tablets, contain no carbohydrates. Having no calorific value, it is a perfect sweetener for health-conscious people and those following a keto diet.


No stevia products from the house of Pureperry contain any sugar. Whether you choose to include stevia liquid, sachets, powder, or tablets, stevia sweeteners are free from sugar.
In the view of Keto Summit, stevia is a better choice than sugar substitutes because of the qualities mentioned above. Besides, many experts claim stevia to have its health benefits.


Like natural sugar, stevia is also a plant product. However, stevia, unlike sugar, is low in glycemic index, free from carbohydrates and calories. Moreover, stevia helps in reducing blood glucose levels and improves the functioning of insulin. Furthermore, stevia and stevia products help your body promotes the ketogenic or fat-burning stage, making it a valuable and perfect ingredient for your keto.

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